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Hair Transplant & PRP Treatment

Hair transplant operation used frequently as hair loss treatment in the last years and has a high success rate. PRP treatment is applied to the area where the unhealthy hair is present with the superficial injection technique. Its application is fast and short (4-5 min). People who are treated with PRP may return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

Hair Loss

Hair loss has many causes, the most obvious reasons we know are genetic causes, cosmetic products used, sleep disorders, irregular diet, irregular lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco use, skin diseases and lack of vitamin. Genetic causes are the most important cause of hair loss, and it is highly probable that if someone has baldness in the family tree it is likely to have baldness. Conversely, those who do not have baldness in the family tree are less likely to have baldness. Despite the fact that the main cause of hair loss is the gene structure, the factors we consider above play a big role in accelerating or slowing hair loss.

Candidates for hair transplant

Hair transplant changes your appearance and it can increase your confidence. Discuss and think about your expectations with your doctor before deciding on hair transplantation. It is enough to know that your healthy hair is used in all hair transplant varieties. Hair transplant candidates must have healthy hair on the back and sides of their heads, in order to be able to make hair plants. Because hair to be added is taken from this region. Hair color, wavy hair, curly hair, such factors can affect the cosmetic result. There are different techniques for hair transplantation. FUE method is used in our hair transplantation center. There is also a hair plant option available without shaving.

Saç Ekimi

FUE hair transplantation (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The hair follicular unit hair removal method is called "FUE hair plantation" with the help of micromotors having special punch tips of 0.7-0.8 mm without using any stitches. Follicular units (grafts) are removed from the back and side parts of the scalp, and the hair is transferred to the demanded site. Local anesthesia is applied to the donor and recipient area. It is a seamless, painless method that does not leave traces in the process area. Thanks to the FUE method, the chest and back hairs can also be taken for hair planting. These hairs adapt to the characteristics of the hairs planted over time and continue to have the same appearance. With FUE technique about 2000-5000 grafts meaning 3000-15,000 hairy can be transferred in only one session.

Why FUE hair plantation?

Most of the modern hair transplant operations are performed by the FUE method. Since there is no surgical incision, post-hysterectomy and less problematic than the FUT method, patients usually prefer this technique. Sufficiency in hair transplantation shows that it is not needed to be sad for hair loss. Operations without side effects such as indolence, pain can be done with an acceptable price than expected.

We especially emphasize that hair-planting teams practice FUE TECHNIQUE, considered the most effective method of hair transplantation. 


  • Since there is no incision in the FUE technique, there is no trace.

  • New hair; it is more vivid and more durable because the hair follicles are derived from the ensemble.

  • Hair planting; 2 days rest after application, 10 days intensive care and 2 weeks special care is required.

  • With the hair planting method, eyebrow planting, beard mustache planting and scar planting can also be successfully applied.

  • In hair transplantation, an average price is determined according to the size of the area to be sowed, and there may be small differences in the price when the size of the sowing area is small or not.

With the FUE technique, the hair plantation takes place in three stages:

Stage 1:
The section in the nape where the hair follicles will be taken is prepared. Local anesthesia is performed. Take the follicles one by one with the micromotor and stand in the prepared special solutions. The first stage takes about 2-3 hours on average. Determines the amount of hair to be taken for a period of time.

Stage 2: 
Local anesthesia is applied to the region where hair will be added. Then the appropriate channels are opened with the special devices. The number and direction of these channels is crucial for ensuring a natural look. This takes about 2 hours on average.

Stage 3:

The hair follicles are placed one by one in the opening channels. This app will take 2-3 hours to determine the future image. After a total of 6 to 8 hours, the application of hair follicles is complete. The nape of the hair follicles is closed by dressing. The area where the hair is planted is left open. On the day of the operation, medication is applied to this region to control our team. Then for two weeks, the person himself dresses with special lotions every night at home. These lotions cleanse the crust in that area; after waiting 45 minutes, it is washed with warm water. At the end of the first month, although 80% of the hair can be poured out, it starts to return again in the third month and the ideal result expected from 8 to 12 months can be obtained. (People need to be patient until the third month when the hair starts to grow and shouldn’t panic.