Everything about Bariatric Surgery

Our country is at the top among the European countries about obesity. 40% of the women in Turkey have obesity, while this percentage is 20 for men. Obesity and metabolism surgery have become more important in recent years because of its high success in the treatment of obesity, as it also treats obesity associated diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol elevation, sleep apnea, etc. You can get rid of most of these diseases when you are just out of the hospital after obesity surgery or in a very short time. Surgical methods are now regarded as an alternative and very effective treatment method, especially as a last resort, not medical treatment.

Tube stomach (Sleeve gastrectomy)

In this method, 75% of the stomach is removed and a tube-like stomach remains behind. Weight loss is better than the stomach band. Lifelong vitamin and mineral supplement is not needed because the anatomy is not affected. The duration of the operation is short (45 min) and the patients return to work 2 or 3 days after discharged from the hospital.

Gastric Bypass

It is a restrictive and an absorption-inhibiting operation at the same time. The effect of weight loss and recovery of obesity associated diseases is better than other methods. Type 2 diabetic patients get rid of 85-90% of their diabetes. Side effect rate is higher than other methods. Life-long vitamin mineral supplement may be needed.

Robotic surgery is advantageous for both patient and the doctor

All obesity surgeries are performed with laparoscopic instruments placed in small holes that opened before the abdomen is opened. It can also be done with an advanced method like robotic method. Robotic surgery uses robotic arms with very high mobility, which the doctor controls remotely, instead of hand tools.
Thanks to these arms, the robot can simulate all the movements of the human knuckle and gain much more mobility than the human knuckle. With robotic surgery system, clearer images can be obtained. The surgery can be performed with very small incisions and better results are obtained in terms of aesthetics. Side effects such as bleeding and leakage after the operation that may prolong the length of the stay in the hospital can be reduced.