Tüp Bebek

"Start growing your baby!"

It is no longer miraculous to have a baby for families who cannot have a baby for a long time thanks to the advancing tube baby technology.

We, in our Tube Baby Centers, perform detailed tests and inspections in the presence of advanced devices, reveal the reasons why the families cannot have babies, and help to solve the problem by making necessary interventions. We make it possible for the family to have a baby with all the possibilities that medicine offers. We work with the experienced teams of gynecologists, embryologists, medical genetic specialists, urologists, psychologists, biologists and nurses at the IVF centers and apply the latest treatments applied in the elite tube baby centers around the world and we are getting pleasing results.

We are waiting for you to our Tube Baby center in Istanbul in order to make this miracle happen.

What is "infertility"?

  • Couples cannot have children despite having regular unprotected sexual intercourse for 1 year.

  • One couple out of every 7 in the society has infertility.

  • The most effective fertility rate for women is around 25 years of age, and there is a significant decrease in fertility, especially since the age of 35. The average chance of a pregnancy reaching a pregnancy in a 3 month period is 57.6%; 72% for 6 months; 85% after 1 year; at the end of 2 years, it is 93%.

  • Causes attributable to men are 25-40%, females are 40-55%, and the incidence of both is 10-15%. In other words, couple’s infertility are at the same level of responsibility.

  • 15% of couples cannot find any reason. This situation is called "unexplained infertility".

  • At the end of 1 year the evaluation of the woman and the man is started but if there is a known problem with the tubers and the womb, if the abnormality is detected in the previous sperm test, this period may not be expected if the age of the woman is 35 or over.

  • Infertility is the natural problem of couples. The aim is not to blame, but to seek treatment and solutions.