AXXAMed; with 20 years experienced team in the health sector, combining the most effective and lowest cost method of treatment options, is a company that is committed to provide the highest standards of patient diagnosis and treatment in Turkey.

AXXAMed; with professional, strong and experienced team, has agreements with the best doctors in the field and selected private hospitals.

AXXAMed conducts its activities through its representative offices in 10 centers in the field of international health tourism.

  • Germany

  • Azerbaijan

  • Iraq

  • Iran

  • England

  • Swiss

  • Netherlands


How does the patient reach AXXAMed?

Patients can reach;

  • By visiting the website,

  • Patient relations specialists by phone or mail,

  • Through representatives in their own country.

Treatment Planning Process
If our patients send us all medical information and examination results, special treatment plans are prepared with our specialists and our patients are informed within 24 hours.


Arriving Turkey

  • If patients need to stay in the hotel before or during the treatment, hotel reservations are made by AXXAMed at their discretion. Turkey's located in nearby locations anywhere in the hospital negotiated located hotels. Patients can choose the hotels they want to stay in line with their budget.

  • ·Patients are welcomed at the airport by AXXAMed representatives when they reach Turkey and they are transferred to the hotel or the hospital.




Treatment Process

The treatments are made in the hospitals where has JCI certified high medical technology and doctors that the best in its field.

On the day of treatment, patients are transferred to the hospital by AXXAMed from the hotel or the airport.


Patients do not have communication problems due to AXXAMed assistants speaking the same language as the patient who assist them. AXXAMed accompanies the patients 7/24 if needed.


Leaving Turkey

AXXAMed makes all the necessary arrangements for leaving the hospital on the day the patient is discharged.

Patients are informed about control appointments and post-operative care before leaving the hospital.

Patient’s transfer to the airport is free of charge.


After Treatment

Patients can contact AXXAMed for post-treatment care anytime after they get back to their countries.