Eyelid Aesthetic

The eyelids are one of the structures that affect your gaze. It is the first area affected by aging. Bagging and wrinkled skin in the upper and lower eyelids gives the patient a sleepy, tired and sad expression.


After eyelid operation, more vivid eyesight, big eyes, eyelids, younger eyes, more impressive eyes can be provided.

Abdomen Lifting

Excessive weight gain, births, feeding style and gravity of the abdominal muscles causes abdominal fat deformations. Deeper sagging, excess in fat tissue, relaxation in the abdominal muscles occurs.


When the patient wears clothes, they are disturbed by these regions, and there may be bad smells and rashes on the lower part. Our patients generally complain that they cannot find clothes. This cannot be rectified by stopping diet and sport. The solution is an abdominal lifting operation.

Nose Aesthetic

Symmetry, rate and balance are important factors in aesthetic surgical operations. It is important to find out the gold ratio of that person by performing special measurements from a few points in the face before and during the surgery.


Planning the nose aesthetic; the width ratio between the nose the mouth width, the ratio between the nose length and the projection, and the ratio of the sides of the rectangle on which the face lies should be appropriate for golden ratio. With this application, we ensure that the harmony, balance and aesthetic visual appearance of the nose, face and head are reached at the highest level.

Face and Neck Lifting

The conditions in our environment are always changing. We need to keep up with this change. All of these factors, gravity, stress, nutrition style, are leading to changes. These changes affect our mental health. Although the people have active lifestyles, changes in these aspects lead people to misery.


Loss of volume, skin sagging, reduced skin quality and facial wrinkles make people unhappy. An unhappy life can be a new beginning changed with interventions.